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Rocky's Story

Rocky's very Beginnings...

Rocky's story had a sad and almost hopeless beginning, but our dear friend Brinda who is a very dedicated rescuer with a huge heart fought for him during his time in Romania.

After rescuing this lucky boy she took him straight to a very good vet. There followed a very long period of healing with some quite severe set backs along the way and after more than 2 years Rocky was finally ready to come to us in the UK.

Due to a combination of inadequate exercise which even with the best will in the world sadly due to circumstances and resources could not be provided where he was,  combined with the special oil rich food designed to combat his many food intolerances and other allergies ( a very long list sadly ) he had put on a lot weight. Something we need to address for him. 

For now Rocky is our foster dog. He has never lived inside a home and is happiest outdoors. This is a trait of his breed (Asian Sheepdog). Some of these types of dogs learn to love the indoors, but a lot of them just love the freedom more. Rocky has his own warm sheltered kennel in our garden with his very own garden space and he can trundle in and out as he pleases. And we take him out for off lead walks 3 times a day. On at least one of these walks he enjoys the company of his very good friend Paula or a couple of our other dogs. This encourages this essentially lazy dog to move a bit more and aid loosing a few pounds, as well as being fun and giving him the company of his own kind. 

Rocky is very happy here and we are not quite sure what will happen in the future. Once he lost a few more pounds we may decide to offer him for adoption to the right home or he may stay. Time will decide for this gentle giant of a dog. 

In the meantime we have made a little gallery with photos of him in the months he's been with us. Enjoy! 

Rocky with us here at Paws2Freedom

Just for Fun... 

To be continued...



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