ROO -  Crossbreed


Size: 40cm shoulder height approx

Sex: male

Age: 1.5 years approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament: friendly, lively, very curious about his surroundings and outgoing

Child friendly: most likely (age 8+)

Dog friendly: yes

Cat friendly: has had encounters with the cats where his is fostered and was ok, just curious (see video), but would depend on the cat of course

Behaviour/Training needs: not known 

Housetrained: not known

Bloodtested: before pet travel he will be tested for heartworm, ehrlichia, lyme disease and anaplasmosis

Location: Bosnia and will travel arrive in Cornwall 1st August


Current Location: BARK ARK in Bosnia 


Hello my name is ROO and this is my story.


I am a fun loving young boy who was about to be killed. My life was that of an abandoned stray out in the countryside. I had kind people who threw me some food once in a while, but there were others who really wanted me gone forever. There was this one farmer who had taken mercy on me and knowing that I was in real danger of being poisoned or shot, he called Bojan from the Bark Ark Shelter who told him to keep me safely on a chain until he was able to pick me up in a day or two. So this is how I ended up on a chain and then in the big shelter which is so noisy and stressful. It was all very confusing, but not for long and now I am living in Bojan's doggy room which I quite like. I can play with other dogs and life is ok now. I am safe! Bojan showed my photo to Paws2Freedom who instantly stepped up for me. I need my very own forever home. It’s not as busy as the shelter here of course, but it’s still not home.

All I dream of now is a home of my very own where I will be loved, cared for and truly wanted forever.


If you would like to apply for giving me my forever home, please complete an application form as a first step. But please bear in mind that I am advertized on other sites too and I hope that you understand that there may be more than one application to my name by the time you have completed yours for me. 

Please enjoy my photos and videos below. They show me when I was a stray and now at Bojan's place. 

If you would like to support me a bit I would be ever so grateful. Your donation will help so much and every penny counts. This is a big rescue mission for such a small charity and we can't do it without you. If you could mark your kind giving with ‘Bosnian Dogs’ your funds will be put towards my costs or that of another dog like me. 

Thank you so much from my hopeful little heart and fluffy paws ~ Love, Roo ♥




We also welcome your giving via BACS or Standing order to our charity bank account


Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

20-50-40 sort code

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IBAN GB24 BUKB 20504043627527