ROXI - Pulin Cross (Balkan Collie) 


Size: 50 cm approx shoulder height

Sex:  female

Age: 6 - 8 years approx 

Neutered:  yes

Vaccinated:  yes

Microchipped:  yes

Child friendly: yes, but Roxi  would prefer a home without children or older children (10+) for her who know and respect a dog's boundaries.

Dog friendly: yes and would love to live with a companion dog as her role model and playmate

Cat friendly: No. Roxi has a chase instinct and not lived with cats before. She would most likely not harm a cat (most dogs just chase for the fun of it), but as we can't test her with cats we prefer a home without feline family members for Roxi 

Temperament/Unique traits: calm and sweet natured, very shy at first and needs time to adjust. She took a week to even begin gaining trust and settling into her foster home in the UK . Over the weeks after that Roxi's real character started emerging. Roxi has now found her playful side, the sofa and her foster family has discovered Roxy's tendency to counter surf and raid bins if given the chance. Given that she never had enough food it's not a surprise, but future adopters need to be aware of this so they can prepare/prevent. Roxi loves chasing a ball and to run around with her fellow foster sister Dana (see video). She has started going out on walks now too and loves them. This lady is a very loyal girl who once she gets to know and trust you will love you forever.

Behaviour/Training needs: 
Needs basic training and boundaries. She walks well on harness and lead and having been on a chain at times in her previous life she should never be walked on collar and lead. She had a lot of fur missing around her neck which speaks volumes. 

House trained:  yes

Blood tested: has tested negative for brucelliosis canis, leishmans, heartworm, lyme disease, anaplasmosis and ehrlichia before travel and UK vet check passed. Her age was estimated younger than the initial 8 years we were given by the bosnian shelter. 8 years was the original and based on the state of her teeth which are not the best. However, given the average nutrition level of dogs overseas and the fact that she most likely lived on a chain or caged and tried to get free, the teeth are not always a sure marker of age. The vet in the UK was from overseas himself and experienced with dogs like Roxi. He estimated her younger than 8. 6-8 years or maybe a bit younger even, but definitely not older.

Rescue story: Roxi belonged to a sheep farm and was abandoned. This is how she ended up in the Bark Ark rescue shelter. 

Ideal Home: Would love to live with someone who can give Roxi the love and time she needs. Roxi took a while to settle into her foster home as she can be very shy at first. Dana, the dog she is currently fostered with has helped immensely and we would favour a home with another resident dog as a role model and play friend. Roxi would not be happy in a really busy town environment. She has taken well to a fairly calm village life, the countryside and beach.