now in sanctuary foster home 

Poor unlucky SEAMUS is 12 years old and sadly his circumstances changed unexpectedly so he lost his home where he has lived since he was a tiny pup. 

Seamus is currently in foster on the Isle of Wight, but sadly they are unable to keep him long term. Hence it was decided that Seamus is coming to Cornwall in due course, unless the perfect home can be found on the island for him. He is just such a super dog and will make the right person a wonderful companion. 

He is a large, shaggy coated bearded collie cross. Microchipped. Not neutered. 

His temperament is wonderful. He loves people of all ages and also other animals. Does not take any notice of horses and chickens (in a coop) as his current foster mum found out when she sat in a friend's field with him. Seamus is just really kind and loving. 

He had his vet check up and was treated for a severe ear infection and itchy skin condition. Both are now virtually healed up and the vet was very happy with him the other day. Also the strength in his hind legs has improved with daily walks and swimming. His foster family has worked wonders with this lovely dear old boy. 

Seamus suffers a bit of arthritis in his hind legs which may need treatment as it progresses. But after a few weeks in foster he is already much less wobbly on his legs. It is important to keep his muscles toned for support to his joints. He may be 12, but he is in very good condition for his age. 

We would like to see him in a home where he will be lavished with love and attention. Someone who will take him for walks and is prepared to help him with anything that old age may bring with it. 

Seamus just loves to swim. Summer days by the beach would be fantastic and hydro therapy during other times of the year to help him with his arthritis and prevent it from getting worse faster than needs be. 

Seamus' temperament would be perfect for him to be a therapy dog!



Dear Paws2Freedomers, 

you may remember Seamus the elderly bearded collie cross from the Isle of Wight? The poor old gentleman became unwanted at his advanced age. It's never quite so easy to find a loving home for a dog his age, but were were lucky and had a home lined up in Cornwall. But sadly bad luck struck yet again for dear Seamus and a recent health scare made us decide that it would be best for this lovely oldie not to have to go through any further changes.


To our utter delight our very own volunteer & team member darlings Jean and her husband Tom offered Seamus sanctuary foster. Thank you so very much for your big, kind hearts when Seamus needed it the most! 

Seamus will have all he ever needs. The love and care of Jean & Tom, Smudge (their adopted P2F doggy) for company, as well as their lovely family and grandchildren to give Seamus extra fuss. And he just adores children! His life will be love, fun walks in the park and on the beach, a comfy bed and yummy meals. What more could we wish for him? Seamus will have the very best for the rest of his time. His very own super retirement home. 

Being a Paws2Freedom sanctuary dog means that Seamus is now looking for distance guardians to help fund his costs. Oldies can be costly at times. They need extra help to stay healthy and not let any existing conditions get too bad. 

As you know, here at P2F we never put a dog to sleep until there really is no other way in the absolute very end when quality of life is no longer present. Without kind and generous giving from dog loving souls and fans of Seamus like yourself we are sadly unable to do this for the dogs who need help so much. We are only a very small rescue who desperately needs your support. If you would like to help this gorgeous boy, please find it in your heart to give him your monthly support. Even just £1 per month will help. Whatever you can give will be so much appreciated. And you will receive a lovely certificate by email in return. And of course lots of nuzzles and noselicks from lovely Seamus. 

You can give to Seamus via the payment details below the photos or visit our charity shop for a one off donation for this dear old gentleman.

With much love and gratitude from all of us at P2F and of course Seamus !



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