Save the Death Row Dogs

fundraiser closed - target reached 

Hello wonderful Supporters,


we at Paws2Freedom call on all of you for desperate, urgent help. The shelter we support in Bosnia are under government orders to reduce by 100 dogs in 90 days, these 90 days are almost up! We have a desperate pack of 15 gorgeous dogs that WILL face certain death if we are unable to raise the massive £7500 needed to rescue them by 15th September.

These are forgotten souls who are mainly older, maybe in some peoples eyes not as cute but they were cute and young when they arrived at the shelter! It's just over time in the sea of 700 dogs they have been overlooked again and again . These forgotten boys and girls have been so let down my the human race please please please help us rescue them, otherwise they have all been waiting several years in false hope as they will literally die in there!!! We are their last hope, so come on everyone let's join together and save these gorgeous guys and gals!!!! Let's give them hope and the love of a happy family. We can do this!!!!


If you are unable to help financially just hit that share button on social media, the more people we can make aware of this the better!! We have 3013 followers on Facebook, we can make the world aware and finally give these dogs their happy ever after ♥







With love, faith and hope ♥ 

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