for foster or adoption in Cornwall/Devon or Isle of Wight

Size: Large Size Collie Cross

Sex: Female

Age: 5 years

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Child friendly: Would prefer a home without children. Older visiting children (10+) who are patient, calm and respect her boundaries would be acceptable.

Dog friendly: Yes, but does take a dislike to some. Runs up, barks and snaps at them.

Cat friendly: Yes, has lived with cats all her life. But this is no guarantee that she will accept a new cat in her life.

House-trained: Yes

Location: current location Isle of Wight with view to relocate to Cornwall.

Beautiful Smudge is a large size female collie cross looking for a quiet, experienced and active home.

Being a collie cross she needs a lot of physical and mental activity, which sadly she has been lacking for a longer time now due to the failing health of her current guardians.  


Her new home could be either a forever home, a foster home with intent to adopt or a foster home who would work with Smudge until she is ready to find an adopter. 

Smudge is a highly sensitive dog. While being very affectionate with people she knows well, Smudge is also very insecure with strangers and in new situations. She is looking for a dedicated, realistic home who would like to continue the work which has already been done with Smudge. For the past year she has attended weekly socialization/training classes which has already brought Smudge forward a lot in her development.

Her very nervous nature expresses itself in often excessive, seemingly random barking (which could be also due to boredom in our opinion) and she can have problems accepting visitors into her home. She barks at visitors, then hides under the table. It would be ideal if Smudge could find a home where her barking would not cause distress while her new guardians work with her on this.

Outdoors she is extremely shy with strangers and does not like to be approached, but rather be the one who does the approaching once she feels ready. It takes quite a lot of time and patience for Smudge to trust people and her new guardians must not expect too much from this lovely girl, especially when she first comes into her new home. It is important not to put pressure on Smudge, but to listen to her instead. She will let you know once she is ready.

Smudge loves the resident cats and has had contact with visiting older children.

Out on walks Smudge likes to play with other dogs.

Indoors she has been tested with other dogs too. At first she was tolerant to the dogs, but eventually got quite jealous. We are putting this down to Smudge having lived as an only dog for 4 years. It may be different if she comes into a home with another dog already present.

With time Smudge will be able to make more progress for sure and needs a dedicated person to make her the best she can be. 

The criteria for foster are different from adoption as it is essentially free. Please let's have a chat if you would like to offer Smudge a temporary home and are committed to work with her to prepare her for adoption.

If you are able to help this wonderful soul please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vetting process, adoption donation of £250 and adoption contract apply. Alternatively foster criteria apply. 

Thank You from P2F and Smudge.

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By appointment only. We are not a kennel rescue, but working with foster homes. 

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