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Sweet Spencer

Hello My Name is Spencer! 

I am a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog,

... and this is my Story ... 

Our beautiful Spencer was found on death row in Bistrita Kill Shelter. He had completely lost his trust in humans after suffering incredible cruelty. The treatment of the dogs there at that time was of the worst kind and involved beatings, shouting and other abuse. They did whatever they could to make them aggressive so they would have an excuse to legally kill them.


This was in the early days of the rescue and we were not prepared for just how aggressive he was. We consulted a behaviourist who encouraged us to build a special rehabilitation kennel. We felt that if we took him and failed at least his fate would end humanely and not cruelly. So we took the plunge and built the kennel from scratch. Spencer was so aggressive that he had to be tranquilised throughout his whole journey here as absolutely nobody could handle him. We carried him in a special dog crate to his new kennel, disposed of the tranquilisers he came with and Susan decided to work with him one on one instead. She spent many patient hours with him until one day he allowed her to touch his paw (you can see this in his photos) and then came a magical moment when he not only allowed her into the kennel with him but kissed her on the nose!


Within less than 3 months Spencer started living in the house. He bites if we are not careful. And he is terrified of the outside world and people in general. Spencer’s trust in humans was damaged forever and to this day he will only tolerates Susan or Mark. He will never be a dog that can be re-homed but he is happy and content here with us and his best friend, fellow sanctuary dog, Moko.

Spencer has been with us for years and is now approx 13/14 years old. 

Spencer was rescued on the day of the anniversary of the passing of our Spencer who inspired us to help others. Hence we felt that the name Spencer was very fitting for this dog here. It just had to be. It was almost as if Spencer sent us this dog as a teacher. You may have read how it all began, but if you haven't please do on our About Us page. We have always felt there was a little bit of magic in the rescue and journey of Spencer. He is very special to us. 



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