Dear treasured Paws2Freedomers, 

we are very excited to share our new spay/neuter campaign project with you which is already in full swing.

Would you like to save  literally 1000nds of dogs and cats with just one single donation? If so please join this cause! How does it work?

With the kind help of Carmen Dodi, a dedicated single rescuer living in a small village outside of Bucharest, we are going to spay/neuter 20 dogs and cats. Photos will be added to the album below. 

4-6 animals at a time which is what the kind vet has agreed to do in a day. Some will be strays and others will be pets of villagers. 
The aim being to educate and reduce the stray animal population. 

20 animals may not seem like a lot? But it is! Just one animal spayed/neutered will prevent countless litters in future. Therefore, by supporting one animal being done you are helping to save literally 1000nds of animals from suffering or dying over the coming years. In fact over the course of 6 years about 67,000 + by preventing all those pups and kittens being born. This means we are helping tackle the stray animal problem at its very root. Together!  

Can we count you in? Each 4 animals will cost around £100 for all four and includes a bit of fuel for Carmen too.  The total we need to raise for each step in the campaign is £500. Which will cover 20 animals. We would be ever so grateful for any contribution, however small. It will all add up and help so much. Let's make a difference together! 




We also welcome your giving via BACS or

Standing Order to our charity bank account


Barclays Bank


43627527 account number

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For international Payments


IBAN GB15 BARC 2050 4043 6275 27

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