for Adoption - Isle of Wight only please. 

for Adoption - Isle of Wight

Aren't I just a cutie-pops? But let me tell you a bit about myself first:​

I am Spud and I am a small - medium sized male terrier cross and I am about 4 years old now and currently in rehabilitation foster on the Isle of Wight. Here I am living in the home of a lovely trainer lady and her family. She has a really fun gang of dogs with whom I enjoy playing and take a lot of reassurance from too.

I need an active home who can offer me lots of walks where I can let off some steam on a daily basis.

The reason I am here is that I have some pretty big fear issues. Sadly this is why I had to leave my previous home. ​

The kind of doggy I am today, I bond deeply with one person if I am given the chance and care needs to be taken that I don't massively over-bond with one person in the family. In the past I have become very protective over my chosen favourite human.

I love to snuggle and cuddle which makes me a very good sofa companion. But on the other hand I have been known to snap if I feel overwhelmed or threatened. It is very important that you respect my boundaries, give me a lot of time and don't ask too much of me at once. My steps forward are small and you need to be patient with me please.

Ideally I would like a home without children. Maybe visiting older children would be ok. Children are a bit too erratic for me at times and this scares me. Even though I am already a bit better with younger humans as my foster mum has a grandchild who works with me too. All under careful and experienced supervision of course.

I am also scared of men at times. This too has been addressed to some level in my current foster home where in the past months I have become used to everyone here. It took a long time though.

I have been in foster here since March now and progress is slow, but steady. ​

There is much hope for me! For now I am feeling blessed to have a great training and behaviour modification team by my side who care deeply about me and my future. Even though I have already improved a lot I am still very much a work in progress. Hence, my future adopters would have to take into account that there may be a big setback at first once I am in a new home, because I don't cope very well with changes. It takes a long time for me to gain trust.

The company of a role model dog helps me so very much, therefore it would be lovely if not even essential to have a balanced, well behaved canine companion in my new home. ​

My new home will have to be very special! It has to be experienced and/or willing to learn new things for me, as well as being very realistic about the best I can become. I may not ever be the perfectly social doggy, but I will do my best for you if you are patient, loving and understanding with me. ​

Because of the way I am and the fact that it cost me my previous home, my adoption process is a little bit different. I am not the kind of doggy who will run up to you with a waggy tail, greeting you expectantly. I will be very cautious at first and maybe even bark at you. My future family would need to meet me quite a few times prior to taking me home to assess if we are right for eachother. It has to be assured that we are right for everyone. ​

In summary I would love a mature, committed, realistic and active home outside town. I am just not comfortable walking through towns. Preferably no children, but older visiting children would be ok. A balanced and trained dog or more as role models and play friends would be superb. No cats please. I am living with a cat now, but had no chance to interact as the cat lives in a different part of the house. Someone in my past said that I don't like cats much.

In the meantime we hope that you will enjoy the photos of me sweet little Spuddy-boy. ​

Vetting process, adoption donation (£250) and contract apply.

Woofs & Paws from P2F & Spud

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