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It's Love between Tilly and Aran

Hello My Name is Tilly! 

I am a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog,

... and this is my Story ... 

Tilly is about 13 years old and came to us from the hell-hole of Bistrita Public Kill Shelter. She had suffered horrendous neglect, her fur was horribly matted and she was very frightened. Initially we rescued her with the view of re-homing her. She is such a pretty little thing, but we discovered she was extremely sensitive to change and is to this day.


What we did not anticipate was how she reacted to our big rescue dog Aran who is mildly autistic. Aran suddenly stops walking sometimes, as if there are invisible barriers in his way which stop him dead in his tracks and we have to put towels on the floor to make a bridge for him. Being a large dog it is quite hard to move him. Until he met Tilly who, when she arrived, chose Aran as her friend and bonded with him deeply. She is his guide and protector. When he gets one of his moments she rushes to his side and guides him over the spot he cannot otherwise cross. It is heart-melting to watch. Needless to say we would never separate them. Tilly is just what Aran needs and they will remain together, safe here, for the rest of their lives.



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