TINKA - Cross Breed


Size: medium, shoulders height 45cm approx

Sex: female

Age: 8 months (Oct 2022)

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Child friendly: yes – best older than 6 as she can be a bit boisterous, likes to play and jump and may unintentionally hurt a small child

Dog friendly: yes, but is still a work in progress when it comes to her reactions to dogs when on walked on a lead.

Cat friendly: yes, but needs reminding not to try and play! In the garden she would like to chase if able to. She is living in peace with the cat in her foster home, but it took a little time for them to get used to each other (about a week)

Temperament/Unique traits:
She is confident in familiar surroundings and likes to initiate play, active and bouncy. Loves water (paddling pool, see video), cheerful, playful, loves treats and has a special liking for cooked chicken.

Tinka has only recently ventured out to slowly discover the outside world. She is very excited out on her walks and loves them, but for now her foster mum keeps the walks short and calm. She barked a lot when she saw another dog while lead walked, but has gotten so much better already. Tinka will need more socializing and someone prepared to take things slowly with this gorgeous pup. 

Being inquisitive and quite confident in nature she will overcome any insecurities in time once she had the chance to build trust.

Would be happy with or without a resident dog, if she had enough attention/play. However as she never lived without another dog we cannot say how she will cope with being left on her own. There may be separation anxiety at first. It is not something that can be tested in her foster home. 

As expected at her age, tried a couple of times to chew furniture but was easily distracted with a toy.
She is a very sweet, active pup who needs regular training as usual at her age.

Loves food and attention, wants to please.

Travels well, but best on the back seat, does not like to travel in the boot. 

Behaviour/Training needs:
basic training, has done some walk on the lead while in Bosnia, but still needs improving, needs to learn boundaries.

House trained: yes

Blood tested: tested negative for Brucellosis, Leishmans, Heartworm, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichia and passed general pre travel health check. Routine UK health check passed too. 

Rescue story: saved from the countryside road where she had been abandoned with another sibling

Ideal Home: Would love to live in an active home where she can get lots of play and attention. Would be best in a home with another dog as a role model and play friend. She has never lived or been left on her own without the company of other dogs. Might be ok as an only dog if the circumstances/life style suits Tinka. She needs someone sympathetic with time for a puppy, to play and train. She's so sweet and full of energy.