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Hello My Name is Tito! 

I am a Paws2Freedom Sanctuary Dog,

... and this is my Story ... 

Tito enjoying some yogurt

Tito came to us at Paws2Freedom after he was found abandoned on a doorstep in Craiova.

We think he must have crawled there to die.

He was only 6 months old and suffering from neuro stage distemper. He also had a severe, painful skin condition. We paid for his treatment and medical recovery which took a long 18 months.

Then he came here when he was 2. Once with us he did not react much but with lots of love and patience he started to connect with us. We did our best to re-home him, but the distemper had left him with twitches (his head bobbed and his front leg twitched) and nobody wanted him. So we decided to give him a place here for life!

Tito is now about 12 years old and is still making progress. His twitches and head bobs are hardly noticeable now. In recent weeks he has, for the first time, pawed us for cuddles! For him this is a huge step.

He is a very gentle soul and loves to play with his ball. He has razor sharp teeth so only tough Kong toys ever last for long and he is obsessed with them when out on walks.


Tito's very Beginnings...

We made this video for him when we still tried to rehome him. Sadly this never happened for Tito and he is now a P2F sanctuary dog forever. 

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