Truffle -  Crossbreed


Size: medium size, approx 45-50 cm shoulder height approx (would benefit from losing some weight)

Sex: female

Age: 3 years approx

Neutered: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped: yes

Temperament:  submissive with people, needs to gain trust and is generally a friendly dog, but very fearful and especially unsure of men. She grew up in the Bark Ark foster shelter where she was cared for by a woman, hence her experience with men is only very limited. Truffle has gotten used to Mark here and is doing well, even though it is a step by step process. She was extremely scared after her arrival here and it took a few days to get her out of her travel crate and into our field. She is still not at ease and can be very flighty. Every day now is bringing a little bit more postive change though. Truffle must never be forced into anything and her future home needs to be able to understand her needs and be willing to work at Truffle's pace in a very gentle and encouraging manner. For as long as it takes her guardians will need to adjust their lives around her and not expect Truffle to fit right into their routine which may take this girl a longer time. With time Truffle will become the amazing dog she has the potential to be. 

Child friendly: Truffle is not showing any signs of aggression, but children would overwhelm her in her current state. However, we might consider a home with visiting older and dog experienced children. 

Dog friendly: yes and we would prefer a home with a well balanced dog for her as a role model and play friend. Truffle loves to play with other dogs, either male or female.

Cat friendly: not known

Behaviour/Training needs: she has never lived in a home before and is currently learning to walk on a lead. She knows nothing about the outside world and it will most likely take a lot of time and patience until Truffle becomes a more balanced dog who is at ease with traffic, various situations and different people. She did pass her vet check recently and did really well. She even followed us inside to be weighed.

Housetrained: she is very clean here, but we cannot be sure how she would react in a home environment. 

Bloodtested: tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia, lyme disease and anaplasmosis, passed my pre-travel health check in Bosnia and recently her UK health check too.

Location: Launceston/Cornwall

Ideal Home: Truffle is looking for a settled quiet home with a safe garden to mooch and play in. A semi rural or rural setting would be wonderful as she would not do well in a town situation. Another dog as a role model and play friend would be very beneficial. Her guardians will need to be able to give her lots of patience while being prepared to adjust their lives around Truffle's need initially.  


Hello my name is Truffle and I would like to tell you my story.


There is not very much to say and I am still quite young, but as many dogs like me I was found as a stray puppy in a place where I was in danger of not seeing the next day. Many people don’t like dogs like me wandering the streets in search of food, shelter and love. But what else could I do? I needed to survive somehow. One day this kind man came along, put me in his car and this is how I ended up in the busy Bark Ark foster shelter where I spent the first years of my young life growing up. There was a lovely woman who cared for me and the others, her name is Rada and because I have only ever really seen her until the day I was prepared for transport I feel more comfortable around women. But if you are very kind, gentle and not over powering with me I promise you that I will be your friend too if you are a man.  It may just take me some time to gain trust. 


My rescue angel contacted Paws2Freedom who wanted to give me the amazing chance of finding my very own forever home. This could not be in Bosnia, so I was to travel to a different land called England. I was very excited and now that I am here hopefully someone will fall in love with me and want me for who I am and going to become. I am also a little overweight which at some point after I have settled in with you needs to be addressed to assure my future wellbeing. 

But oh dear.... what a sudden shock! ...When my travel time came I was suddenly plunged into many huge changes in a very short time before I finally arrived at Paws2Freedom in Cornwall. This was very frightening to me when I had to leave all that I had ever known as my home. I did not understand all that was happening to me and got so very scared that for the first few days I stayed in my big travel crate and refused to come out. I was just so overwhelmed with it all. It was a huge crate and one half became my sleeping quarter while the other half I could use as my toilet on puppy pads.

At Paws2Freedom they were gentle with me and understood me. They were very kind and never pushed me and when I finally found the courage to leave my safe haven I found a lot of joy in walking in the Paws2Freedom field. Grass! birds! Fresh Air! I am still very flighty and any sudden movements make me crouch. It will take me a long time to find the courage to step out into the world as you know it. For now everything really scares me as it's something I have never experienced. So they are keeping me on the same routine which is nice as I can get used to that first. 


Because I need to learn that men are also very nice people, Mark is my main carer and Susan only steps in when I get very scared. But I am already quite happy to walk alongside Mark who also feeds me and speaks softly to me. He is a very nice person and I would need my future dad to be just as kind and patient as Mark. It may take me a fairly long time to adjust to my new people and home. It will all be very new to me as I have never lived in a home before. Nor have I experienced the outside world to the full. And being restricted on a lead is still scary for me too and may make me react in ways I normally wouldn't. Please consider all this before you want to take me home. I am loving and will be a big friend to you, but you really need to be very understanding with me and prepared to make adjustments for me so I can blossom in my own time. 


I am already a very lucky girl to be given this chance of a brighter future and all I wish for now is a home of my very own where I will be loved, cared for and truly cherished forever.

If you would like to apply for giving me my forever home, please complete an application form as a first step. But please bear in mind that I am advertized on other sites too and I hope that you understand that there may be more than one application to my name by the time you have completed yours for me.

Please enjoy my photos below. They show me when I was in the shelter and some at Paws2Freedom during my first week from when I was too scared to leave my crate to when I finally dared to come out and walk. And a bit later too once I gained confidence and trust a bit more. There is also a little video of me which will show you a bit more of what I was like at first and how I love to play with my friends.  

If you would like to support me and dogs like me a bit I would be ever so grateful. Your donation will help so much and every penny counts. This is a big rescue mission for such a small charity and we can't do it without you. If you could mark your kind giving with ‘Bosnian Dogs’ your funds will be put towards my costs or that of another dog like me. 


Thank you so much from my happy heart and fluffy paws ~ Love, Truffle ♥

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